Pet Bereavement Specialist Certification for Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Pet Bereavement Specialist Certification Training for Licensed Mental Health Professionals

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Julianne Corbin, Ph.D., LPC , Founder and Clinical Director of Pet Loss Support Services of New Jersey

COURSE FORMAT: Webinar and On-Line

COURSE COST: $275.00

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Pet Bereavement Specialist Certification Training Program

This Pet Bereavement Specialist Certification Training course is for Licensed Mental Health Professionals only which include; Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Professional Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists. If you are not licensed to practice then this training will not be suited for you. CE Credits are pending approval.

For those fortunate to have experienced the deep bond and unconditional love of a companion animal, the death that follows can be one of the most difficult and misunderstood losses for some people to go through. Many times, this devastating loss goes unrecognized, if not trivialized, by family, friends, and society; leaving grieving pet owners struggling to find healthy ways to cope and very few professional resources available. In this training, Dr. Corbin calls attention to the difficulties unique to the loss of a beloved companion animal and provides an in-depth, professional training for licensed mental health professionals who are interested in adding pet bereavement counseling services to their practice. This course focuses on various interventions and coping strategies for those grieving the loss of a companion animal. In this course you will examine issues of loss in context to the relationships that exist between people and their companion animals. These relationships are well defined and provide the foundation and spring board from which effective strategies can be used in working with those grieving the loss of a companion animal.

Informed by clinical experience and academic research this pet bereavement training course will cover important topics and disciplines such as; assessment of the multi-dimensional role companion animals plays in the life of the client and how this informs their daily functioning, self-esteem, well-being and overall identity, understanding the grieving process and stages of grief unique to the loss of a companion animal providing insights, case studies, and theories regarding pet loss. The disenfranchisement of companion animal loss and increased risk for complicated and prolonged grief reaction is explored as well as understanding trauma and post-trauma stress as it relates to companion animal loss. Other topics unique to companion animal loss covered are euthanasia, importance of memorializing, therapeutic strategies and interventions to assist your clients through grief and towards reconciliation. At the conclusion of this training you will have a compressive understanding of companion animal loss and have up to date and effective clinical strategies to support clients who are struggling with the loss of a pet.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Below is an overview of the Module sequence:

Module 1. Understand the nature, role, and impact of companion animals on our psychological and physical well-being.

Module 2. Understand the impact of Anticipatory Grief encountered by those anticipating the loss of a companion animal.

 Module 3. Discuss the impact of euthanasia and ways to support clients faced with this decision.

Module 4. Identify and discuss the unique issues faced by those who experienced the death of a beloved animal companion and impact on the grieving process.

Module 5. Distinguish the variables that differentiate companion animal loss from human loss.

Module 6. Distinguish the variables that contribute to the disenfranchised nature of companion animal loss and its impact on the grieving process

Module 7. Discuss the process and stages of grieving experienced after the death of a companion animal.

Module 8. Discuss the importance of memorializing a companion animal and provide options for meaningful ways to commemorate.

Module 9. Present the variables that put grieving pet owners at risk for complicated, prolonged grief response, and PTSD.

Module 10. Present treatment modalities utilized to support those grieving the loss of a companion animal.

Module 11. Provide treatment recommendations specific to companion animal loss and identify therapeutic interventions.

Following the completion of each Module, the successful completion of quiz and clinical assignments are required.

For more information please contact Dr. Corbin @ /973-886-3294

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